Sunday, October 30, 2011

New Direction and Middle Men

Alright, I've been neglected this blog for awhile. Instead of making a new one (pretty easy to do), I've decided to take my most popular blog and push it into a completely new direction. Instead of being focused on the legal niche, which those articles will remain, this piece of the internet will review male-oriented movies in a "deep", literary way. This is my pet project; apply literary devices to mainstream movies.

In my initial post of my new project I'll analyze the movie "Middle Men". This movie is based on the true story of Paycom, which specialized in the billing of the fledgling Internet Adult Entertainment industry. The director took a comedic approach to the making of the movie that had a twist of seriousness. In the beginning, Middle Men almost paralleled "Lord of War" in that it showed the beginning of his final conflict that the rest of the movie describes. In Middle Men, his ending problem is the kidnapping of a child that we latter learn is his housekeeper's son, and who the main character Jack Harris (Luke Wilson) is paying the two million dollar ransom for.

Throughout the movie, I was not sure how much of the events were true, or just over-dramatized. The movie had the feel that much of it was overly dramatized, but still the true events most likely had their crazy movements. The viewer may feel the betrayal and idiocracy that many of the characters emulate. Jack Harris, the nice Texan man, is pushed into many situations that turn out good then bad for him. You see the character developed over time from a novice, likable guy to a hardened businessman who seems to not lose his lovable features that could just be reminiscent of the actor's portrayal.

By the end, you get the moral of the movie. The moral comes out to be, in business don't partner with idiots or the Russian mob. A pretty solid message that may be easier said than done.    

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