Education: What to Major In?

Education is key to become a lawyer. In some states you can "read" the law, which is usually an internship or entry level job. Before entering Law School one must have a Bachelor's degree. A certain major is not needed to become a lawyer. Something in the social sciences; political science, economics, business, or even English. These majors give one a good footing and understanding of the law. A minor in English or American History may also be useful. If you plan on going to a top 20 law school then you should plan on going to a top undergraduate school. Law School admission can be more competitive than undergraduate admissions. To garner admission to a top school you'll need a very high GMAT score, top of class in college and high school, and many good recs. Having a second choice school is also a very good idea. Law School is hard work and if you plan on being a hot-shot lawyer you need to do very well in order to get good recs for jobs.