Types Of Lawyers

There is not just one type of lawyer. Most lawyers specialize in certain area of the law. Some types of lawyers make more than others. Personal injury lawyers usually take a percentage of the reward as the result of a lawsuit.   A derogatory term 'ambulance chaser' is a personal injury lawyer who shows up at the seen of an ambulance and tries to sell himself/herself to the victims' family to sue a company or individual. Immigration lawyers have to decipher the very complicate immigration code. This can be a large task. These lawyers can also make a lot of money. Corporate lawyers can make a lot of money by advising large companies on decisions and helping them deal with their various issues. It's best to be a lawyer about something you're passionate about. You will become a better worker. Choose something you know a lot about and focus on the types of law around it. You can always branch out into something mainstream. Go for a need. Health related law providers is a growing industry and there will be a lot of demand for lawyers who specialize in health law. If you know a lot about health law and  patients rights then much money can be made from suing hospitals or advising clients. Do what you love.